Advertising has never been so Rewarding, and Impactful!

WeThinkItMatters® is a cause-integrated marketing platform for businesses to use advertising dollars for positive impact. And where people can engage in raising money for causes with just the tap of their finger, no donation required!

You may have heard about BAT, Basic Attention Token running on Ethereum, well WTIM is a cause based attention token being built on Cardano, and WTIM token rewards people for giving their attention in campaigns that create funding for nonprofits.

Get 100 WTIM Tokens Airdropped to You

WeThinkItMatters® is building on the Cardano and will soon release the WTIM Token as a native asset on the blockchain. Please fill out the form below to join WeThinkItMatters® and receive a Special Airdrop of 100 WTIM Token as soon as native asset are live on Cardano mainnet. Use the form to Claim some of the first Native Assets to be minted on the Cardano Blockchain!

Member Owned Media Benefits

Every person who becomes a Member of WTIM also gets 1 WTIM Share Certificate(a NFT on Cardano Blockchain) when joining WeThinkItMatters®, it’s Free to Join do it now! 

Members can get more WTIM Share Certificates(NFTs) by trading in WTIM Tokens and during Special Offerings. Share Certificates are like lottery tickets that never expire. 20% of all the money that businesses spend advertising on WeThinkItMatters® goes to prizes for Share Certificate holding Members to win by random drawing.

Members can have multiple Share Certificates, and each Share Certificate increases your chances of winning cash prizes for you (10%) personally and for your personal favorite (10%) nonprofit.

WeThinkItMatters® is like Basic Attention Token (BAT) in some ways, but much Much better in many ways! Don’t miss this opportunity to sign up for this limited time airdrop offer!